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Our basic premise is fairly simple: To grow at a rapidly increasing rate from now until the next five years.

We are achieving this growth by vigorously acquiring Home Health and Hospice providers in Texas and the southwest region. We recognize a tremendous potential for consolidation of the industry, bringing structure and becoming a market leader via strategic mergers and acquisitions. Currently, we concentrate our efforts on existing companies with a positive cash flow.

Aqua Health Group has a group of very experienced individuals with over 170 years of collective experience specializing in mergers & acquisitions, finance, accounting, legal, technology and healthcare operations. Our objective is to provide outstanding patient care & satisfaction while also delivering exemplary returns to shareholders & partners.


We like the industry for the same reasons PE firms and major Wall-Street players probably do…

Booming Sector

The Home health sector is a 108 billion dollar sector (US) and  is rapidly growing at 6% annually, since a greater number of the elderly wish to remain at home and regulatory changes improves access to home-based care.

Recession Resistant

Home Healthcare provides near recession-resistant service lines given the necessity for seniors to receive timely treatment covered by healthcare payers & insurance.

Highly Fragmented

There is a huge potential for consolidation in the Home Health sector, some of the benefits include: Significantly lower back office costs including personnel, technology, billing and coding services, development of a greater number of areas of expertise and services.

Huge And Growing Demand

The aging of the US population increases demand for Homecare services. The frail elderly population – those 85 and older – will triple by 2040. Healthcare payers, such as Medicare, Medicaid, are also encouraging home care due to the cost advantages.

De Novo Opportunity Drivers

Meaningful de novo opportunities for private investors to create and grow valuable assets in geographies that historically have lacked or provided subpar post-acute care services.

The List Goes On

(1) An estimated 10,000 Boomers are retiring each day. With the baby boomer business owners now reaching retirement age, there’s a plethora motivated sellers. (2) Most of the providers we target are off market (found via industry networks we’re a part of and effective acquisition tactics) – thus, purchase prices are easier negotiated and broker fees are avoided.

This is why the Home Care industry is among the fastest-growing healthcare industries in the United States.

Our philosophy

We promise the strictest of confidence. Acquisition discussions will be strictly private
between Aqua Health Group and owners. Although we prefer to own 100% of our companies,
 we also appreciate high-performance
owners who wish to continue to participate
 and contribute to the success of their business
and want to own a stake in their company.

If you are a broker or owner looking to sell a business, please contact us



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